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Xerox Copiers
Last Updated 5 years ago

We have new (well, new in summer 2018 but this probably won't be edited anytime soon...) copiers in the Elementary Workroom, HS Office, and a new color copier in the Elementary workroom. These machines are all hooked up to our print management system (Papercut) and you login using your key-fob or access card that you use to get into the building.

Logging in:

On the Elem Office and Workroom copiers, you’ll see the card reader attached to the front of the machine. The HS Office has one hidden under the panel to the left of the screen, so just drag your fob across that panel until it beeps.

If you are new to the system, it may ask you to associate your fob with your username. In this case, enter your username (firstname.lastname or 3-initials) and password to set that up.

If you forget your fob in the classroom, tap the keyboard icon and you can login with your username/password.

Using the copier:
Makin' Copies

Print Jobs & Scanning

When you first log in, you’ll see pretty much the exact same interface from the old machines. It’ll log you into Papercut where you can release any print jobs or scan to email/Google Drive.

To make copies

Tap “Access Device" and you'll enter the Xerox interface.

Tap the "Copy" button and you'll be presented with the Copy interface.

Everything should be pretty self-explanatory. You'll select # of copies and any needed features


Most useful:
  • 2-sided copying (save some trees!)
  • Finishing (stapler)
You can also save settings on the bottom, so if there's a certain workflow you use often, you can save that and not enter it every time.

Hit the "Start" button on the top-right to begin.

On your Computer:

I had to switch a few things around with the printers you see on your computer. The generic “Workroom” printer should disappear and you should now have “Elementary Workroom” and/or “HS Workroom” depending on which school(s) you work at. Everyone should see “Elementary Office” for color jobs.

There is also a new printer called “FollowMe”. If you print to this one, you can pick it up at either workroom or the elem office (Sorry, doesn’t work on the HS Office yet). So it’s more flexible with where it can be printed, but it only has basic settings so if you need to staple, use special paper, or any other special setting, don’t send to the FollowMe queue.

Other Notes:

  • Black & white copy costs are the same on all of the new machines so feel free to utilize another copier if your usual machine in use or jammed.
  • Elementary Workroom now has the ability to scan
  • A staple finisher is on order for the elementary workroom (oops…) and should be here next week

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