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How do I print from my Chromebook?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Printing is now available from your Chromebook laptop!

Mobility Print

Get Started

Install the Mobility Print app on your Chromebook:

(or search the Chrome Webstore for "Mobility Print")

Mobility Print

To Print

When you need to print:
1. Open the document you want to print
2. Hit Ctrl+P or click the options menu and choose "Print…"
3. Click Change under Destination and a menu should pop up with several options listed as “Mobility Print” with the green 'P' icon
4. Choose HS Library. (This is the only printer open to students at this time).
5. In the box that pops up, enter your school email ([email protected]) and the same password as your laptop/email.

This sends your document to the print queue. It will not automatically print so feel free to send print jobs wherever and whenever (on campus, this won’t work outside of the building).

Collect Your Print Jobs

When you want to pick up your print job(s):
1. Saunter into the library at your leisure and go to the white Chromebase that’s sitting next to the printer (This is the Print Release Station)
2. You should see a green & blue PaperCut login screen (If the previous user forgot to log out, hit "restart session" at the top)
3. Enter the same login you used in step 5 above.
This will open to a page showing your held print jobs
3. Click print next to the jobs you want to print and they will start printing or click the “Release All” button to print all waiting jobs.
4. Collect your documents from the printer.
5. Click Restart session at the top of the Print Release Station to log out and reset the system for the next user.


  • Keep in mind - Like everything else with your school-issued devices and account, print jobs are logged and monitored.
  • Print jobs are restricted to a maximum of 30 pages per job.
  • Print jobs will show a cost on the release station. This is for reporting only - you will not be charged for printing at this time.
  • Remember, you can send a print job anywhere in the building at any time. So if you need a document printed but don’t need it until later, go ahead and print it and then pick it up when you have free time. That way you don’t have to miss out on class time.

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