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MAP Testing Tips:
Last Updated 4 years ago

Student gets booted from test

If a student gets booted from the test before they finish (battery dies, network issue, etc), they will need their session reset to resume. In order to do this, you need to check the box by their name and "suspend" them under the action menu. Then choose their name again and do "test again". This will change their status to "Awaiting Student". At this point, they may sign back into the test session. When you confirm them, make sure to tell it to resume the session so they pick up where they left off

Assign the test before beginning

Make sure to assign the test you are giving that day before giving the students the login information. If you don't assign the test, then they are able to choose the test which could end up with the wrong test being selected.

Students in session but not in room when testing

If you have students listed in your MAPS test session who are not in your classroom (either due to split-semester courses, absence or they are in another room for whatever reason), you may just ignore them in the session. It does not affect their ability to test elsewhere. A single student may be in multiple test sessions as long as they are only actually testing in one.

You certainly can remove them from the session if you want a clean listing during testing, but it's not necessary to do so.

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