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PARCC/IAR Practice on Chromebooks
Last Updated 4 years ago

PARCC/IAR practice tests are available on the Chromebooks. Follow these steps to access:

  1. Bring computer to the login screen
  2. Click Apps in the bottom left corner
  3. Choose TestNav (If this option isn't there, contact IT)
    1. This boots the Chromebook into kiosk mode with the TestNav App
  4. It should boot to a menu saying "Where do you want to go?" with several options. In the menu on the left, choose PARCC Training. (Do not choose Illinois)
    1. If it comes up to a "Sign In" page that isn't PARCC Training, click the icon on the top-right that has a little person and select Choose a different customer.
  5. On the bottom-right of the Sign In box, choose Practice Tests
    1. Do not put anything in username or password
  6. Now you are in the PARCC Practice tests. Hooray!

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