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Notifications aren't showing up on screen (Chrome/Windows 10)
Last Updated 5 years ago


With Chrome version 68 that came out August 2018, notifications sent by Chrome are sometimes not popping up on the bottom-right of the screen like they used to. This is because Chrome is now using the built-in notification system on Windows 10 which can hide notifications in the "Action Center" (icon on bottom-right near clock).


For now, we can disable this in Chrome. Follow the instructions below. This is probably not a long-term solution so if you find the following instructions don't work, please open a ticket and we'll look at it again.


1. Open Chrome and enter chrome://flags in the address bar - Hit enter.


2. Use the search bar to find "notifications"

3. For the heading "Enable native notifications" - switch it to "Disabled"
In the chrome://flags menu
4. Hit the button to relaunch Chrome and now Chrome will send notifications through it's own system which won't get caught up in the Windows 10 notifications.

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