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Website not usable because a plug-in is not supported
Last Updated 2 years ago

Sometimes a website will throw up an error saying that a plugin is inactive, not supported, not installed, or some other error about content not being able to be viewed.


This is almost always an issue with Flashâ„¢ not loading correctly. By default Flash does not load. It is supposed to ask if you'd like to load it but that doesn't always work for some reason. This can be overridden on a site-by-site basis. Follow the steps below.

To enable Flash for a site:

  1. Open up the website you're having a problem with on your Chromebook
  2. Click in the white area between the Home button and the website's URL at the top of Chrome
    1. Usually this is a green padlock icon that says "Secure" but it could also say "Unsecure" or something else
  3. Click Site Settings
    1. This opens up a new tab with the site's settings
  4. Find Flash in the menu and change it from "Ask" to "Allow"
  5. Close the Settings tab
  6. Click the Reload button
Hopefully this fixes the site. You will need to do this on any site that has this issue. You can also follow the steps above to enable other plugins if needed (see below).

For you visual learners

Here's a gif walkthrough

Other Plug-Ins that can be enabled


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